Writing Exercise #11

I have been apart of a few peer reviewing processes, but I have never been apart of helping peers edit scientific work. With that being said, I found the process to be helpful. It made me think abo0ut my own paper as I was writing and learning from my peers mistakes and from the positives of their papers. I did feel slightly uncomfortable giving my suggestions, but it is a good quality to learn because it helps make my peers work improve and it sharpens my eye for mistakes in my own work. Something that I learned and that I will take away is having some else read my paper to me out loud, and read my own paper out loud to ensure that my writing makes sense and flows together. Having my peers look over my paper gave me the chance to correct mistakes that I may not have caught on my own. I plan to take my peer’s suggestions seriously and start applying those corrections sooner rather than later. By doing this, it will allow me to see how my thoughts and their suggestions flow with one another, thus allowing me to make any last minute alterations. Lastly, the peer review document gave me a new outlook on my own paper that I am going to use when re-reading my work.

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