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  • Final Stretch

    I chose the project Create and Play Board games because I love games. Board Games, card games, video games.. it is all enjoyable for me. This project provided an opportunity to combine and deep dive into a few of my interests: board games, video games, and programming. TEAMWORK I think the most difficult challenge for…

  • Unity


    My senior project is creating a site for users to create and play custom board games. Due to the game aspect, we decided to use the game engine Unity for the building process. Starting out, I was really excited about the opportunity to learn this game engine. I had already installed it and had worked…

  • Clean or Smelly?

    Clean or Smelly?

    Having clean code is something that has been discussed many times since starting down the path of Computer Science. However, I have noticed many classes are looking for a working program versus a clean program. This has led me to develop some coding practices that I am not proud of just for the sake of…

  • Technical Interviews

    Technical Interviews

    This fall, I got to experience my first technical interview. Long story short, it did not do great. The role was for a web developer and, though I did try to prepare beforehand, I only focused on specific web development technologies. I failed to brush up on the basics which a lot of the questions…

  • Learning Unity

    Learning Unity

    My project team has decided to embark on the fun and rewarding challenge of learning Unity. A game engine platform that lets users create video games. This game engine seems limitless when it comes to designing games, letting developers create some amazing games like Cuphead, Rust, and Rimworld. Unity offers a free pro plan for…

  • Hello!


    My name is Sativa Maciel. I am working towards my bachelor’s in Applied Computer Science, focusing on Web Development and Human-Computer Interactions. I currently live in Eugene Oregon, which places me in Pacific Standard Time.  In my free time, I love to play board games with friends, and I am an avid cyclist and climber.…

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