Final Stretch

I chose the project Create and Play Board games because I love games. Board Games, card games, video games.. it is all enjoyable for me. This project provided an opportunity to combine and deep dive into a few of my interests: board games, video games, and programming.


I think the most difficult challenge for this project was the teamwork aspect. Some of this was due to asynchronous meetings, a lack of communication, and different levels of contribution. This led to many feelings of doubt and being alone in this giant project.

I did my best to overcome this challenge by doing my best to communicate and be proactive in assignments. I learned that though it is impossible to change the actions of others, it is possible to be who you would want as a teammate, and keep working toward a final product.

Working on a team has taught me a lot but the two key lessons are this: Patience and acceptance.


Through this difficulty with the team, I definitely had a lot of doubts. At the beginning of the term, I almost reached out to ask to work on my own solo project. However, after reading the syllabus, it became clear that a huge part of this class was the teamwork part. This project is huge. Not only were we developing a game, we needed to develop a customizable game. We also decided to use Unity and C# which we were all new at. We all needed to be contributing to get this project developed to the state we wanted.

Now at the end of the term, I am still not feeling like the project is complete. However, I think that we were able to build something that resembles the goals. Though not as detailed and intricate currently, hopefully in the last term we can get the project up to where we wanted it.


Overall, I have learned so much in this project. I have learned a lot about the development process, and teamwork. I have developed more skills in project management and project organization. I have also learned a great deal about Unity and game development. Coming out of this, I have so many other ideas that I want to implement and better ideas of how to achieve these ideas. So, through a lot of stress, I am still happy with what I have learned along the way.

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