Technical Interviews

This fall, I got to experience my first technical interview. Long story short, it did not do great. The role was for a web developer and, though I did try to prepare beforehand, I only focused on specific web development technologies. I failed to brush up on the basics which a lot of the questions were based on. As I fumbled through, I took notes and vowed to be more prepared next time.

The foundational concepts

We have all taken data structures, analysis of algorithms, and language fundamentals. These early classes are actually super important when it comes to the technical interview process, as well as writing better code. Revisiting these core concepts and getting really familiar and comfortable with them is key.


This part is pretty self-explanatory but be sure to research the role you are interviewing for, the company, and what type of work your position would require. The knowledge will help you be prepared for the work-related questions they may ask. This also helps you have meaningful questions that you can ask as well. Bringing your own questions lets the interviewer know that you are prepared, engaged, and actively wanting to learn. They don’t expect you to know everything after all!


The last section is all about practice. I have found many sites that offer practice technical questions. This is a great way to not only feel more prepared for interviews but also just become a better programmer as these are often core foundational theories. Some sites that I have been using are Leetcode and freecodecamp. These are just two of many, so definitely search and find the right fit for you.

With these three things, I hope to have better interviews in the future! Please share your tips as well in the comments below!

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