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Learning Unity

My project team has decided to embark on the fun and rewarding challenge of learning Unity. A game engine platform that lets users create video games. This game engine seems limitless when it comes to designing games, letting developers create some amazing games like Cuphead, Rust, and Rimworld. Unity offers a free pro plan for students, making it the perfect time to access all Unity has to offer. The problem is where does one start? There are so many parts to learn! From shading to movement to rules.. it can feel pretty overwhelming. So, I took to the internet to learn how to tackle learning Unity.

Step 1: Get Started with Unity
My first step was to go to Unity’s own page ‘Get Started with Unity‘ which is made for beginners. The page first talks about how to download, and the different plans. Next, it goes over some of the Unity Learn courses offered which is an amazing way to deep dive into the core concepts. Unity also offers discussion boards and forums to seek help from other users. The last section of this page offers ways to get inspiration by viewing designs and newsletters.

It seems like Unity really does offer all that one needs when learning their engine. However, a lot of the courses are long, ranging from 9 – 12 weeks. While there are many tutorial videos available as well, sometimes just being able to learn a key-specific technique is useful short term.

Step 2: C# and Shader Tutorials
I found a really useful site,, that offers a page dedicated to learning C# and shading for Unity. The page is set up to where each section builds on the last ‘introducing new programming concepts, math, algorithms, and Unity features.’ It goes from the basics to movement and flow, all the way to advanced rendering. It acts as a roadmap on the journey to learning all about Unity.

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