Week 3 – Job Descriptions

The last job I had, before the one I currently occupy, was working as a pizza cook here in Corvallis. I originally applied because my brother had worked there, and there wasn’t much else to consider. I brought my resume in like I normally would and checked on my application several times a week. The first time I got a real description of the job wasn’t until the day I got hired when I was taken through the store and shown what my daily tasks would be like. The experiences I had at this job were the same as what had been described to me on that first walkthrough, they had this down to a science. I never did anything outside of my job description, probably because it contained mostly everything one could do, but true nonetheless. I enjoyed the job so much because I never walked in without knowing where I’d be for the day, and our managers worked really well with the staff they had, never forcing people to do tasks outside of their job description. Doing things outside of the list job description isn’t something I’m unfamiliar with, in fact, there have been many things left out of job postings and interviews for my current job; I can say with confidence though that I never dealt with it there. As far as how this made me feel, I was confident that everyone could do their part and uphold our quality standards because there was never too much asked of you. At my current job, you’ll see a lot of burnout or people who talk about leaving often, but this was a rare occurrence when I was slinging pies.

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  1. Ashley He Avatar
    Ashley He

    Hi Luke,

    In my past experiences, when I learn about a role or want to apply for it, I make sure that a job description is present. For my personality, I definitely prefer to know ahead of time what is expected of me and what tasks I need to be able to complete to fill my position. Therefore I find it interesting that you had only received your job description on the day you got hired! I am guessing that your resume filled the job description pretty well, and that you performed well on your interview. It’s great that you got to enjoy your role as well and got to learn what good management looked like!

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