Week 1- Blog Post: The Case for Recruitment and Selection

Companies now have progressed in a way that is making it harder to justify their spending habits. When speaking about why companies may choose to spend their money on marketing or product design rather than employee recruitment and selection, it comes down to one thing. Money. Companies need money to run, we know this, but the chase for more and the need for larger margins is exactly why the health and wellness of the interior parts of companies are in a worse spot than before. There is an increase in trends like paying creators to make advertisements, and making sure products are in the largest stores and have the biggest athletes or stars connected to them, it gets people looking. A strength of focusing on other aspects of business instead of recruitment and selection is to create a more reputable and reliable product that can bring attention to the company, and ultimately create a larger demand to work there. Creating the most with what you already have can create an effective baseline to show what areas you may need improvement on, and if recruitment and selection is seemingly an issue, it can be focused on.

This will also come with weaknesses as well. When you’ve become so enveloped in a company or with a certain process that is run for a long time, you can become complacent. With a focus on recruitment and onboarding, there is a higher probability that you’ll garner outside opinions, and create a much more fresh environment that could be crucial for retaining the longer-tenured employees. This also means a more reputable place of work when concerning things like Glassdoor reviews or other ways the company is spoken about publicly.

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One response to “Week 1- Blog Post: The Case for Recruitment and Selection”

  1. Michael Valdez Avatar
    Michael Valdez

    Hey Luke,
    In my opinion you struck the nail on the head with the money illustration. Companies need money and if they can get it quick why wouldn’t they. Employee selection may be in the works but it seems to take to the back burner in many company settings. Nice job.

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