Week 1- Blog Post: Job Application Process

The last thorough process I went through was over two years ago for my current barista position. When originally searching for this job, I was in dire need of money and yet, nothing I viewed online seemed like a very good job that I’d be able to hold onto for a decent enough time to apply. I’d noticed a posting on Indeed that was just a couple hours old and I applied immediately. My current district manager, holding the role of manager at the time, reached out to me the next morning and I was brought in for an interview within 24 hours. After a quick in-person interview and a working interview to look at my interactions with customers, I was hired the next day. Overall through the very short process, I was introduced to many of my soon-to-be coworkers, as well as getting in touch with the owners of the locations I’d be working at. There was an aura, a vibe in the air that I caught onto quickly, and I loved it. The friendliness and shared personality traits held by the people I’d soon be around often truly showed me that I would want to work here.

These experiences I had during the application process both struck fear into me and also gave me the confidence that I’d get the job. It’s not uncommon for jobs to hire people as quickly as possible when they’re desperate, and desperation usually stems from a multitude of issues within the company or how employees are treated. This caused me to be slightly hesitant when I first arrived and let me be more observant when I had first gone into the stand, but after the first day of work, I knew it would be the position for me.

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2 responses to “Week 1- Blog Post: Job Application Process”

  1. Michael Valdez Avatar
    Michael Valdez

    Hey Luke,
    Glad to hear you got the job and that it is one that you enjoy. It is also good to hear that it helped you grow as a person. The fear and the confidence that came later are huge and that is a good thing. Good luck

  2. Charity Sevaaetasi Avatar
    Charity Sevaaetasi

    I almost had a similar situation where I was a quick hire. So, it is relatable to being really nervous at first because you did not want to mess up, but you knew you were able to adjust fast to your environment. Luckily, you had the soft skills to communicate, so the manager saw that. It is great to have a good impression on higher-ups so that your job can go smoothly and you can have more confidence in doing it.

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