Fish oil: Good for my health… or not?

Fish oil - a source of omega-3

Stories from various news outlets (and even from different researchers at Oregon State University) have said:

This is confusing and frustrating for all of us. As is the case with most headlines, when you look more closely at the study details, explanations emerge.

We have been gathering information on omega-3 fatty acids for decades and slowly learning about the many, varied, and complex effects of omega-3 fatty acids on health.

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Vitamin C and Colds: New Beginning

Woman with Cold
Image by Анастасия Гепп from Pixabay

“Don’t waste clean thinking on dirty data.”

For decades we have been trying to understand the effects of vitamin C on the immune system. Linus Pauling wrote Vitamin C and the Common Cold in 1970, and sometimes it feels like we haven’t made any progress.

The best and most comprehensive analysis of the data at hand, collected from decades of research studies, shows that vitamin C has some effect on the common cold – but it is very limited.

This has led many to conclude that taking vitamin C to ward off a cold just isn’t worth it. Is this the final word on the subject?

Short answer: not even close.

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Feelings of (Micronutrient) Inadequacy? Probably not.



A surprising number of Americans fall short of vitamin and mineral intake recommendations, and will never know it.

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