In Memory of Marti Olsen

We were sad to learn that onetime Master Gardener volunteer Marti Olsen passed away in July 2022. Fellow volunteers recall that Marti truly loved gardening especially roses. Marti, we miss you.

In 2005 no one stepped forward to take over Through the Garden Gate tour and the board had decided not to have it that year.  Marti didn’t want to see that happen so she started trying to recruit folks.  I was a new trainee that year.   Marti convinced me my garden was worthy to be on tour.  It was March with only a few months to go till the tour.  Not much time to get my garden ready for the tour but I agreed.  The problem was we were still 2 gardens short. Marti asked if I had any ideas. We ended up recruiting two of my wonderful neighbors with beautiful gardens. Had it not been for Marti stepping up the garden could have just been a memory. ”

– Nancy Messman, Linn County Master Gardener Association. 

Read an obituary for Marti Olsen HERE.

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