Start your garden with these five resources you can access from home

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  1. Start with a research-based introduction to growing food at home. Our favorite is Growing Your Own from OSU Extension. Learn when to plant, how to prepare your growing space, stopping pests and more:
  2. Where can you get garden supplies? Plant Something Oregon has a list of suppliers that offer a range of options for safer shopping. Find them here:
  3. Where to get your soil tested? Master Gardener volunteers are not currently able to test soil pH, so gardeners will need to send samples to soil testing labs found in Analytical Laboratories Serving Oregon:

These labs can provide a variety of services. Most home gardeners who are growing plants in the ground will want to check soil pH as well as levels of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Many labs offer the option to request recommendations for amending soil when ordering their tests. Learn how to take a good soil sample to achieve the most accurate results with A Guide to Collecting Soil Samples for Farms and Gardens:

4. Use research-based resources to find garden solutions. OSU Extension offers straightforward tested resources to build resiliency for by growing gardens in this amazing virtual collection:

5. Connect with real gardeners to get help! Though our offices may be closed, OSU Extension Master Gardeners are still available to answer your gardening questions by phone or email. Please leave us a detailed voicemail and a callback number. We’re also checking email! Share your photos of plant or insect problems with us. Master Gardeners will research your question and give you a call back or send an email. In Benton County: (541) 713-5000 or email: In Linn County: (541) 967-3871 or email:

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  1. Hiya! Read your kale tip today. I am a decidedly amateur gardener, who hasn’t a clue and also, have several huge kale patches, as I spread seed to different parts of my third acre because…¿Por Que No? hahaha. You made me feel smart today, because I too let Kale winter through – and while I didn’t intentionally strip the stalk, I do love crunchy kale with cheese melted on it! haha. Right now, my kale is all flowering and getting ready to go to seed. The bees are happy. I’m just, watching….hahaha. I have three kinds of kale – as far as I can tell…

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