The wonderful world of Mobile Applications

For those of you who have not taken Oregon State University’s Mobile Development course (or developed your own mobile application in the past) I highly recommend it. Depending on what year you were born in, I think mobile applications tend to excite the most for developers and consumers alike. The power to do things whenever you want wherever you want that used to require (for example):

1. Booting up your desktop computer
2. Logging in
3. Connecting to the internet
4. Accessing whatever application or website you need
5. “Doing stuff”

is incredible!

In all of the courses at Oregon State University we learn the building blocks and foundation of development, but we rarely get into mobile applications. When the time finally came I wondered how different or difficult it was going to be – to be honest I was a bit nervous. Then, we were introduced to Flutter. If you haven’t used Flutter it’s an extremely intuitive and fun software development kit that makes creating mobile applications a breeze! Coupled with debugging tools and an emulator you can have a simple mobile application template up and running in a matter of moments. It even has a “hot reload” functionality that allows you to save your progress and the app updates without needing to be completely restarted!

I’m very pleased that I get to build on that course by creating another mobile application in this course. I’m excited to test what I’ve learned while having the flexibility to make the application more my own (and my group’s) as opposed to meeting strict requirement set in the Mobile Development assignments. I would strongly recommend anyone go out and try it for yourself!

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