How Many Devices is Too Many?

Maybe this is a trick question, but over the past few days I started to realize the insane amount of devices I have. At 26 years old I grew up in a time where most houses had one desktop computer (if that) and were lucky to have internet. Suddenly, after a flurry of technology, we had releases like the iPod. I look around my home now and the difference is staggering!

I have a Mac laptop, my work Dell laptop, a Microsoft Surface Pro (for the rare occasion I need to run Windows), my iPhone, a Kindle eReader (that rarely gets used), and many other devices including older generation iPhones I can’t let go of. If someone Doc Brown’d/Marty McFly’d 20-30 years ago to now they would think all of the outrageous sci-fi films of the time came true. Sometimes I do miss the days where we weren’t surrounded by screens, but at the same time I can’t see myself ever going back.

How many devices do you have? Do you think there’s a healthy limit? Do you find yourself annoyed by how accessible we’ve all become and are expected to be?

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