An Introduction

My journey into the Computer Science world started shortly after graduating from the University of California, Riverside (with a degree in Economics). I started working at a software company called Esri in the Contracts & Legal Services Department while figuring out whether I wanted to invest in going to law school or not.

SPOILER: I did not choose to attend law school. 

After working for a few years I decided three things:

  1. I enjoyed working and having money
  2. I did not want to go back to school full time (and accrue a ton of student debt in the process)
  3. I want to create more value in my career

I also felt frustrated at my lack of technical understanding of software. Working in software licensing it’s okay to not be an expert in the field of software engineering, but I didn’t appreciate feeling out of my depth in certain conversations especially when talking with our customers. That is the story of how I ultimately decided to pursue this degree in Computer Science. Where do I go from here?

Who knows…


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