2017-2018 CLA Research Awards

It’s been almost a year since my last post about the 2016 CLA Research Awards Program. I have been meaning to post about the 2017 projects and I am happy to have a chance to write about the opportunities these small grants make, and to let you know about the future of this internal funding program.

What are they?

As stated on the CLA Research website, the awards are primarily intended to assist faculty members in the initiation of new creative or scholarly activities and for projects that will result in further external funding, or improve the position of the faculty member in applying for funding.  Furthermore, the project must culminate in a concrete result (a peer-reviewed journal article submitted for publication, a performance, a professional exhibition, a grant proposal).  And moreover, preference is given to projects that enhance the status and visibility of the College and the University. The program helps highlight the research and scholarship efforts of our fellow faculty members. Because at the end of the day, there’s actually quite a lot of liberal arts research happening here at OSU.

Impacts of the 2016 Awards

The funded projects produced a plethora of publications, data sets, models, conference presentations, and quite a few of them led to additional funding applications and some even received additional funding.  I am working on a list of metrics to share the impacts of these awards, but the short of it is, it is amazing to see the reach of these small grants.

2017 CLA Research Awards

In 2017, we received eleven applications.  After a review by a four-member committee, eight proposals were selected for funding.

School of Arts and Communication

  • Shelley Jordon, $4,000 for support to create a site-specific, installation piece at Fordham University in New York City, called, Still Streaming
  • Joshua Reeves, $4,000 for writing time and research on the use of Military Artificial Intelligence
  • Kerry Skarbakka, $4,000 for support to create art about the socio-political phenomenon of the angry white male
  • Jason Fick, $4,000 for support to create interactive music and software for Baroque flute and computer

School of Psychological Sciences

  • Kathleen Bogart, $4,000 for research on the social and psychological support networks for adults with rare disorders

School of Public Policy

  • Rican Vue, $4,000 for research on how social networks of Southeast Asian-American community college students
  • Ana Spalding, $5,000 for research on the human dimension of fisheries policy in Panama

School of Writing, Literature, and Film

  • Wayne Harrison, $5,000 for support to write his novel in progress Seasons of Doubt

CLA Supplemental Research Fund

Thanks to some careful planning, the CLA Research Program Manager was able to use some of the Research Awards funds to pilot a new program called the CLA Supplemental Research Fund. These funds helped faculty offset the costs for time-sensitive research and scholarship needs.

The Research Program Manager recognized that the need for travel and publication support was often unexpected. Invitations to conferences can come with a great cost, and participation can often lead to opportunities that greatly benefit the individual faculty member as well as the School and College.  Below is the list of faculty who received supplemental funds, as well as a brief description of their activity.

School of Arts and Communication

School of Public Policy

  • Ana Spalding, $1,500 for travel to Kuching, Malaysia to present at the International Marine Congress meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology

School of Language, Culture, and Society

  • Daniel Lopez-Cevallos, $500 for travel to Atlanta, GA to present at the American Public Health Association meeting
  • Melissa Cheyney, $500 for travel between Corvallis and Eugene to the Global Health Biomarker Lab to complete analysis.

I have two more Supplemental Research projects forthcoming, which will use up the last of the remaining funds. I was happy that I was able to stretch these Supplemental Research Funds over the 2018 academic year. And I am happy to report that this program will continue next year.

Exciting Developments for the Award Program

With the onset of spring, the status of the forthcoming 2018-2019 CLA Research Awards program was a bit uncertain.  But I am happy to report that both programs, the Research Awards and the Supplemental Awards programs will both be made available.  Specifics are still being finalized, so stand by for further information.  Check the CLA Research website or contact the CLA Research Program Manager for more information.

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