Two Internal Funding Programs Open

Good news: Two newly revised internal funding programs are open for applications from CLA faculty!

The Center for the Humanities and the College of Liberal Arts are starting an exciting new partnership. Together with the CLA Office of the Dean and the Schools in CLA, the partnership is re-launching two internal funding opportunities available to CLA faculty.

1. The Research Awards Program

The first is a newly revised program called the Center for the Humanities and the College of Liberal Arts Research Awards program.

The primary intent of the Research Awards program is to advance creative or scholarly activities in the Humanities and the Humanistic Sciences.

Awards are made to tenured, tenure-track and fixed-term faculty members on regular appointments. The standard award is $4,000. In extraordinary circumstances, proposals up to $8,000 may be considered.

If you need summer support to finish a writing project, to develop a survey, or to conduct research, you should submit an application.

Depending on the number of submissions, the program intends to fund around 10 projects.  Last year, 8 projects were funded to faculty from 7 different disciplines, ranging from creative writing to sociology, from art to communication research and psychology. The results of these projects led to journal publications, finalized manuscripts, art shows, research development, grant submissions and additional funding. The Research Award funds make opportunities happen for faculty and their students, and for the college and university.

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The 2018 proposal submission and project schedule:

  • Solicitation opens Monday, April 2.
  • Solicitation closes Friday, April 27.
  • Proposal review period ends Monday, May 7.
  • Funding decisions announced Monday, May 7.
  • Successful projects begin June 1, 2018.
  • Project report due March 1, 2019.
  • Successful projects completed no later than June 1, 2019.

Contact your school directors or visit the CLA Research Website for the application materials.

2. Publishing Support and Special Travel Grants program

The second, newly revised program is the Center for the Humanities and College of Liberal Arts Faculty Excellence Publishing Support and Special Travel Grant.

These small grants are open for application year round or until the funds are depleted and are intended to offset costs for time-sensitive research and scholarship needs. Click on the above links to learn more about the programs and how to apply.

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Past Projects

To learn more about past projects for the Research Awards Program and for the Publishing Support and Travel Grants programs,  see recent posts here on the Liberal Arts Research in Action blog: 2016-20172017-2018.  The Publication and Travel programs were new just last year, and it is great to see them both continue.

Whether the Research Awards program or the Publication or Travel Grants, these funds make so much possible for faculty. I am working on a blog entry that details some key metrics.


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