A new day for Liberal Arts Research

What is Liberal Arts Research?

“Liberal Arts” and “research” are rarely used in the same sentence.  Or are they?  Maybe research and exploration have always been here, and we are simply not trained to see it as such.  Data collection and reflection have always been a part of liberal arts.  Maybe it’s the word “research” itself that has become too narrowly defined.

reflection pool
photo credit: Eric Wayne Dickey

Why blog?

This blog will serve as a platform to showcase the many research activities happening at Oregon State University’s College of Liberal Arts.

What’s next?

The next blog posts will contain information about the open call for proposals for the 2017-2018 CLA Research Awards Program.   I will also post information about the progress and outcomes of the 2016-2017 CLA Research Awards projects.  The award program is co-sponsored by the OSU Research Office, the CLA Office of the Dean, and each of the Schools within CLA.

From Psychological Sciences to Public Policy, Anthropology to Communication, History, Music, Literature, and more, Liberal Arts research is alive and well!


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