Time off for the holidays: Log prices and trends

By Lauren Grand, OSU Extension Forestry & Natural Resources, Lane County

The lumber market hasn’t perked up just yet and with prices being low many mills and yards are relying heavily on their inventory or taking some down time as they wait to see how the lumber market will respond in the new year.

Some products are doing better than others, so if your roads are winter ready and it fits within your management plan, then it doesn’t hurt to see if someone is buying what you are selling. This of course isn’t the best news for log prices, but things are mostly holding steady for Douglas-fir. Douglas-fir 5-7 inches is around $750 mbf. Small logs are $800-850 mbf and large logs are $900-950.

The chip market has really been suffering these days, but there seems to be some local demand in the Eugene/Springfield area. At the time of this report the prices are around $30 per ton.

The Hem-fir sorts (spruce, hemlock, grand and white fir) are down slightly from last quarter. These logs are usually bought for Chinese export and things in this arena haven’t been very exciting recently. Currently prices are reported at $550 – $600 mbf.

The alder market is also down some from last quarter. The larger logs with a 12-inch diameter are down about $50 from last quarter and are sitting in the $550 mbf range. It looks like maple is also having a hard time and is either no longer being taken or is staying low in the $200 mbf range. However, fiber or smaller/portable mills may still be an option for maple and other hardwoods.

Reports are showing redcedar prices are also holding steady at $1000mbf. Incense-cedar in the Eugene area is looking lower than typical at $400mbf, but Douglas County is seeing more action at around $550 mbf.

While prices are looking a little mediocre at the moment, there is always a chance the market will change in your favor. Maybe we’ll get lucky and mortgage rates will drop again. But, if now doesn’t seem like the right time, no problem. The trees will grow while you wait.  Good luck and always remember to get your purchase order before you cut!

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