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Bernard Daly was missing… but now he can be found in the Oregon Encyclopedia, an authoritative and free resource on all things Oregon. Some time ago, my friend, OSU Archivist Larry Landis, suggested that I write an entry on Bernard Daly. Larry knew that I had been researching Daly and noticed that there wasn’t an entry for him. Seemed like quite an omission given the remarkable breadth of the encyclopedia and the extent of Daly’s impact. 

The Encyclopedia has entries for the Applegate Trail and the movie Animal House; for Tonya Harding and Mark Hatfield; for Voodoo Doughnuts and the great Portland jazz bassist Leroy Vinnegar; and now an entry for Bernard Daly. There are other entries related to Lake County, including Abert Rim, the city of LakeviewReub Long, and Paisley Caves. There are others that should be included. I’ve proposed entries on the Silver Lake Fire and the unincorporated community of Silver Lake, and am hoping to also prepare entries on the Daly Scholarship, Pearl Hall and the communities of Adel and Plush. 

A School for the People

By the way, I hope you’ll take a look at Larry Landis’ book, A School for the People: A Photographic History of Oregon State University (OSU Press, 2015). It’s a beautiful well-researched book with historic photos of OSU over the years. 

As may have been the case for many of you, when I was growing up we had a set of encyclopedias in our home. They must have been a costly purchase at a time when my family didn’t have much. I never imagined that there would be a time when all that information and much more would be freely available and collections of information like Wikipedia and the Oregon Encyclopedia would be “crowdsourced” with contributors of all types, even me.

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