Week 1 Discussion Post

  1. Edward Jones

Edward Jones practices Strategic HRM throughout their organization. Their main goal as an organization is to have a “positive impact” to “improve the lives of clients and colleagues,” according to their website. This is reflected in their employee reviews, which classify the company as having a great culture and sense of partnership. This clearly illustrates that their HR practices align with their larger objectives. 

  1. Kimpton Hotels and Restaraurants

Kimpton’s largest word in the employee review word cloud is “people,” followed by “everyone.” This clearly shows that they place emphasis on supporting the people who work for them, which is consistent with their mission statement: “heartfelt human connections make peoples’ lives better.” The strong correlation between their company values and the way that their employees feel speaks to a Strategic HRM practice.

  1. Pinnacle Financial Partners

I think Pinnacle Financial Partners also practices Strategic HRM. Employee reviews cite the emphasis that the company places on culture, people, and their team of associates. Their mission statement states that one of their goals, besides providing services to clients, is enrich associates personally, professionally and financially. This consistency in their mission statement and their employee reviews shows that they are committed to Strategic HRM. 

I’d like to be a manager that focuses on people and their well-being above profits or productivity. Obviously, both of the latter two things are important, but I really believe that employees who are happy and healthy are more productive. People can’t function if they’re burnt out or unhappy, so I think taking care of them as people first and employees second is most important. I think one of the most challenging parts of a managers job is finding a balance between being sympathetic and helpful, while also holding people accountable for their actions and duties.






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