Week 4 Feeling Rejected

No news is good news is not always true

The last few weeks I’ve had a few interviews, some phone some in person. I have reach back out to the companies and I could not get a hold of anyone that could provide me any update. I will take it as that I was not chosen to move on to the next stage of the interview process. I will remain hopeful that the process is slow due to the jobs being on the Space Force base. I guess I’ll continue applying for other positions I find on LinkedIn.

The cool Substitute

While I continue to look for a job where I can use my almost newly obtained degree, my wife suggested the idea of becoming a substitute teacher. To become a substitute teacher here in California you need a bachelors degree and need to take the CBEST test, along with a few other things like background checks etc. The CBEST test has 3 parts a reading, a writing and a math. They also cost $30 each to take.

Study No Thanks

The CBEST test has a first time pass rate of 69%, my wife tried to scare me into actually studying for it. Since I am actually spending money on the test you would think I’d study for it. Nope I just scheduled it and went for it, I took the Math portion 1st. I had 120 minutes to answer 50 questions. I then took the English part which was 50 questions in 100 minutes.Lastly I took the writing where I had to write 2 short essays. You need a total combined score of 123 to pass the test. I scored a 141 just think what i could of scored if I actually reviewed some of the material.

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