The Start of my Job Search

The job search process for a recent/soon to be graduate can seem a little daunting. Finding a a starting place can get a little confusing. I hope my blog on my experience will help a little.

I first started my search by creating a LinkedIn profile, and then had to create a resume to add to the profile. There are a lot of sites out there to help create resumes. I found one that did cost some money. I did the 2 week trial for $2.99, if I didn’t cancel before the 2 weeks was up I’d have to pay $23.95. The site i used was I was able to create a few different resumes and cover letters that I downloaded and used to apply to multiple jobs.

I also created an account on where I used their in site resume builder to create a government resume. A government resume is a lot different then your standard resume. A government resume has more detail and will be much longer. The USA Jobs site will walk you through it.

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