Week 2 of Justin’s search

The Search Continues

After applying to many positions the previous week through LinkedIN and USAJOBS, I was able to get a few responses. One company responded on the LinkedIN messenger and another company emailed me. The company on LinkedIn asked if I had a active TS/SCI Clearance. I currently do not. A TS/SCI clearance stands for Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information. If you are interested in learning more about this here is a good link https://militarybenefits.info/how-to-get-ts-sci-clearance/. To obtain one on your own is very expensive and once you receive it is extremely useful to obtain a good job with the government or contractors for the government. The process takes months to obtain the clearance but is well worth the wait.

My First Interview

The other response I received was from RGNext in regards to the Pre-Flight Analyst position. I received a phone call and they would like to interview me. I accepted the interview and set up a time and date. This is the first interview Ive had in the last 10 years, I felt a little nervous but not to much since Ive conducted many interviews in my previous position. So how did the interview go? I showed up early, I am always early to everything, I met with two interviewers who asked me a series of questions. The questions were the typical interview questions nothing abnormal. The interview took about an hour, I felt I did really well, I guess we will see if I get the position. The job is pretty cool though I would be on a design team that sets up the screen for launches at Vandenberg Space Force Base and I’d be able to watch the launches in the launch room. So when Space-X launches and Elon was in attendance we could talk about rooming together on mars or DOGECOIN. This was all the job related information I received this week hopefully I get an offer for next week.

The Rejections

They’re were a few rejections, I did receive a few emails notifying me that I failed to meet the basic requirements for the job. I failed to meet the requirements for the Space-X positions and knew this when I applied. I was still going to try, my hopes were that they were desperate and would take a chance on a person who didn’t graduate yet and didn’t have any experience. You never know if you don’t try.

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