A Hybrid Version of CH 607: Chemical Safety Seminar

Our students’ safety in the laboratory is our top priority in the Department of Chemistry. We are excited that starting this winter term we will be able to offer the CH 607: Chemical Safety Seminar course in a hybrid format, thanks to development support from the Hybrid Learning Community.

This course is required for our incoming cohort of graduate students, typically about 25. We believe the new hybrid format will be a perfect fit for the course as it will lead to more variety in student interactions with the course material and each other. This will be achieved through the use of online videos, quizzes, assignments, and course discussion posts. In addition to these new interactive online course materials, there will be in-person guest lectures from OSU’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) personnel as well as a tour of the EHS hazardous waste disposal facility.

Students completing the course will have met all the EHS requirements to conduct laboratory work at OSU. In addition, they will have gained vital knowledge about chemical safety and will thus be equipped with the tools to continue the strong safety culture maintained in the Department of Chemistry.

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