One Health – course in a nutshell

“One Health” is a multidisciplinary approach to solving important health problems.  One Health recognizes that human, animal and environmental health are inextricably linked.  The multidisciplinary nature of the One Health approach requires that professionals are proficient in knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes that go beyond the discipline-specific knowledge gained through traditional training programs.  Therefore, we will use this class to foster communication and collaboration bridging gaps between traditional boundaries between fields.

The class will focus on developing the core competencies as defined during the Rome Synthesis meeting (DOI: 10.3389/fpubh.2016.00192). The two main two competencies developed in this class will focus on communication and collaboration between individuals from diverse fields and backgrounds. Learning these skills will help the students form strategies that will help them work together to form solutions to the one health related problems.

This course will be taught as a hybrid course which will allow information gathering, activities and discussions to occur both online and during in-person meetings – facilitating the learning process in multiple modalities.  The course will consist of 4 modules.  The first is a 4-week introduction module, while the second and third modules are 2-weeks where students will address one health related problems in small groups with guided activities to facilitate collaboration and communication skill development.  The final 2-week module will allow students to address a one health related topic of their own choosing.

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