An Unconventional Path to Uncommon Success – HC Student Spotlight

There was nothing conventional about Dylan Gregory’s path to the Oregon State University Honors College. There’s been nothing conventional about his research accomplishments since he arrived, either. A first-generation and low-income student, Dylan initially planned to study visual communications, enrolling in the Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, Indiana after high school. Financial […]

Oregon State engineering undergrads earn coveted Goldwater Scholarships

Juniors Tucker Holstun and Yesh Godse are among 396 college students selected from approximately 5,000 potential candidates across the United States to receive the award for the 2020-2021 academic year. The scholarships are awarded based on academic merit to college sophomores and juniors who exhibit intellectual intensity and exceptional promise of becoming research leaders and […]

Seeing STEM Differently – Honors Gender and Science

Though they can seem daunting, Oregon State’s Baccalaureate Core (Bacc Core) requirements often end up being life-changing opportunities to expand our learning, discover new interests and generally heighten our academic experience. Classes in the Science, Technology, and Society Bacc Core category are meant to provide students with the necessary tools to understand the role of […]

Honors College Scholarships Transform Students’ Experiences

Every student comes to the Honors College with their own unique perspectives, talents and interests, ready to develop and explore. They share experiences through classes, research, the honors thesis and other activities while forging their individual paths. But their financial situations are their own. This year in the Honors College, about 36% of students have […]

Helping people care: A passion for science leads to student-created podcast

Amid the sound of piercing electronic beeps — and a mechanical kind of wheezing white noise — a researcher speaks: “So imagine your baby is sick. You think it could be a kidney problem. The nearest hospital is a day’s drive away.” Listeners travel into this scenario as the undergraduate scientist begins listing the challenges […]

Prestigious research internship opens new possibilities for double-major science student

Senior Michael Kupperman loves to do research at the crossroads of mathematics and biology – a deep interest the honors student has explored as a double-major in the College of Science and in a prestigious summer internship. Kupperman will graduate in June with honors degrees in mathematics and biochemistry and minors in chemistry and history. With his […]

¡Bienvenidos al Honors College!

Student ambassador Esther Vega has a simple, yet powerful way to connect with some of the parents she meets on campus tours and at college fairs: she speaks to them in Spanish. “These parents just want to be heard and listened to,” she says. “It’s just so much more comfortable for them. And to me, […]

Yoda is His Role Model

Yes, that Yoda. Mohammed Shakibnia says the Jedi Master was known for being a wise paragon of virtue, “but he wasn’t infallible. He made mistakes, and acknowledging them is really what true wisdom is about.” Mohammed is writing his honors thesis on the socio-political aspects of “Star Wars” and how science fiction can help us […]

Math senior finds inspiration from women mathematicians at OSU

Originally published on iMPACT. It is fairly uncommon to win a major international honor just a month before graduation — a sort of icing on the graduation cake. But mathematics Honors student Sara Tro has achieved just that. Sara and her teammates — fellow math majors Andrea Lanz and Michael Kupperman — were given a […]

Aspiring neuroscientist grounded in science and the arts wins Goldwater Scholarship

Originally published on iMPACT. Isabella (“Bella”) Karabinas received the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship. She is one of four 2019 Goldwater Scholars from Oregon State this year. The junior Honors student, whose favorite classes in high school were biochemistry and psychology, is double majoring in both psychology and biochemistry and molecular biology and minoring in chemistry with a pre-medicine […]