Intrigue and Inquiry: Four Honors College Students Participate in Art-Sci Fellowship

“The greatest scientists are always artists as well.” -Albert Einstein The view that the arts and the sciences are two completely separate, even opposing, spheres is as old as is it is inaccurate. The Oregon State University Art-Science Fellowship was created to push back against this misconception and help students discover and explore the distinctive […]

Honors College Students Rebuild Mock Trial Team

Membership in many student organizations at Oregon State University declined during the COVID-19 pandemic, when it was difficult or impossible to meet in person or hold events. But, driven by the commitment of students, groups are beginning to bounce back. One club trying to rebuild is Oregon State’s mock trial team, led by two Honors […]

Collaborating to Connect: The Development of the New HC Community Connector App

In Fall 2021, Dean Toni Doolen worked with a group of Honors College students, who were members of the HC Leadership Circle and charged the group with finding ways to increase student engagement with the Honors College. Over the course of the academic year, the students developed a variety of approaches and ideas, and at […]

The Sounds of Science: Turning Data Into Music

If DNA could make music, what song would it sing? If you are Oregon State University Honors College alum Lili Adams, your guess might be something along the lines of the Mario Brothers theme song — that is, of course, if the DNA you’re listening to comes from the North American Lionepha beetle. Born in […]

Ammara Molvi – Honors College Class of 2020

Honors College senior Ammara Molvi’s commitment to community engagement has inspired her during her years at Oregon State University and will continues to motivate her as she looks to the future. A pre-med public health major, Ammara hopes to one day become a pediatric emergency room physician and work toward health equity locally and internationally.  […]