Living in and Learning from the Age of the Anthropocene

The human geography of land use. Fiction that wrestles with the effects of climate change. Food scarcity in the 21st century. These seemingly disparate topics all have a home in the Honors College colloquium, The Dawn of the Anthropocene. This course tackles the concept of the Anthropocene—an epoch in the current geological age that is […]

Translating Results: HC Graduate Travels from Tanzania to Medical School

In the summer after her sophomore year, Honors College and College of Science graduate Cassidy Huun spent three weeks shadowing a pediatrician in a Tanzanian hospital. As she followed the daily work of the hospital’s physicians, she noticed that one of their most important tasks was testing the Tanzanian youth they saw for HIV. Considering […]

The Physics of Dance, the Art of Geology

On a recent Tuesday morning, Dr. Randall Milstein addressed his class: “Who has a cell phone and can play us some music?” A student volunteered, and Milstein instructed the students to close their eyes. He asked them to draw for one minute—without stopping—with their eyes closed. This isn’t an experimental art course: Milstein is teaching […]

Making a Difference: Oregon State Alumnus Creates Medical Internship for HC Students

During her first week as a summer intern at the Michigan Clinical Outcomes Research and Reporting Program, Swechya Banskota was given access to nearly twenty-one years of cardiovascular patient data registries. For the Honors College senior biology major, it was a lot to consider: “The research physicians gave the interns introductions to all of the […]

An OSU Education – For Parents

Daniel and Margaret Porth are active people, not content to just sit on the sidelines. So last year, when the opportunity came, they readily joined a new OSU initiative, one with a strong personal connection. Proud parents of an Honors College senior, the Porths participated in the college’s inaugural Parent Leadership Circle. “Just seeing our […]

Carpooling fosters community

Sleepy eyes watch telephone wires dip and fall along Interstate 5 southbound. As the sun rises through the fog, the minivan passes evergreen trees, homes and farms. It’s just another Wednesday, and four early-rising souls have set out on their way from a Park and Ride lot in Tigard toward the Oregon State University campus […]

Tomorrow’s leaders making a difference today

  Winner of OSU’s 2014 Pre-Medical and the Merrill Foundation Scholarships and a 4-year University Presidential Scholarship, integrative biology senior Claire Ostertag-Hill has been accepted at the prestigious Wake Forest Medical School in North Carolina. As part of her Honors Senior Thesis, Ostertag-Hill studies the bovine herpesvirus-1 outbreak. A biology/psychology/international studies senior, she is using […]

Completing the Circle

Julian Uselman always knew that he wanted to attend medical school, so it was never in doubt that he needed an outstanding undergraduate education. In the Oregon State University Honors College he found just that, and at a price big-name private schools couldn’t beat. “The Honors College gave me all the resources of a small […]

Opportunity for All

Boston, Massachusetts may seem like a world away from Corvallis, Oregon, but Honors College Board of Regents member Andy Bartmess has always remained connected to his undergraduate years at Oregon State University. “I really value my OSU experience. It made a big difference in my life.” Andy says. “As a result, I have tried to […]

The Navigators- Advising for the Journey

If there is one thing the Honors College advising team wants to tell HC students, it’s an emphatic “come see us!” “Honors College students are unique and diverse,” says advisor Leanna Dillon. “I love creating individual relationships and getting to know them during advising sessions.” HC advisors are in an unusually good position to build […]