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  • Week 8 Blog Health & Safety

    From the test of the Life Stress Inventory, I got a score of 137, and as stated in the test I faced a relatively low amount of stress. The reason for this, I think it is because I am only a college student and a lot of stress I did not experience at the student […]

  • Week 7 Blog

    A friend of mine, a senior who is two years older than me, told me about his reasons for staying in the US to work after graduation. I think this example of his fits perfectly with this week’s blog content. As an international student, the choice between staying in the US and returning to China […]

  • Week 5 Blog

    Over the past few years, I have participated in interviews, both online for multiple people remotely and offline for face-to-face one-on-one interviews. It was only after I went through this week’s learning materials that I gained a better understanding of the issues surrounding interview effectiveness. As for remotely interview for multiple people I have participated […]

  • Week 4 Blog

    Job description consists of 4 parts: job identification, job summary, task statements, and working conditions. In general, job description describes the specific details of a job, such as the title, the department, why the position existed the office environment of the position, and etc. (lecture 1-2, week 4). In addition, the job description will describe […]

  • Week 1 Blog

    As for this week’s post, we need to look and select 3 to 4 companies from Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2020 what employees say may make those companies great places to work for. In addition, we need to think about what type of manager we would like to be. We need […]

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