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A friend of mine, a senior who is two years older than me, told me about his reasons for staying in the US to work after graduation. I think this example of his fits perfectly with this week’s blog content.

As an international student, the choice between staying in the US and returning to China after undergraduate studies is an important one. The reason why my friend chose to stay in the US is because the benefits and compensation offered by US companies are far more than what Chinese companies can offer. From the salary point of view, the salary offered by American companies is basically the same as that offered by Chinese companies, but there is a clear standard for overtime compensation in the US. However, there is no policy on compensation for overtime work in China, which means that you cannot get the compensation for the extra hours you work in China. This is a very important reason why my friend did not choose a Chinese company.

In addition, holiday benefits are better in U.S. companies than in Chinese companies. The U.S. has about 10 public holidays and some other paid vacations. Chinese companies are also more deficient in this area of benefits. More holiday benefits also mean a relatively easier work schedule. Therefore, a relatively relaxed work environment and work schedule can have a great impact on people’s choice of work.

For travel expenses, US companies are also more reimbursed than Chinese companies. This is a surprising fact that my friend told me. He said that the U.S. companies have higher standards for travel expenses and require companies to provide employees with as comfortable a living environment as possible to ensure that the next day’s work will not be affected.

In my opinion, benefits and compensation are a very important motivating factor for employees. A good compensation and benefits policy can attract a variety of talents to a company. A student who graduated from a central U.S. university will be willing to ignore the geographical factor of distance to work for a U.S. West Coast company because they know the benefits and compensation policies are better. I think that’s what motivates people to work for a company’s benefits and compensation policies. From the company’s point of view, the various talents hired by the company can also generate profits for the company in the future, so that the company can continue to improve on the benefits and compensation of its employees. There is no doubt that this is a virtuous circle。

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