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From the test of the Life Stress Inventory, I got a score of 137, and as stated in the test I faced a relatively low amount of stress. The reason for this, I think it is because I am only a college student and a lot of stress I did not experience at the student level. This should be one of the major reasons why I got a relatively low score. In addition, I got a good performance about dealing with the stress according to the report of Coping and Stress Management Skills Test. The report also states that I often use problem-centered strategies to deal with stress. This also made me reflect more on this week’s Blog topic. Do problem-centered strategies often work in the workplace? What can companies do to provide a healthy and safe workplace for their employees? And how should employees cope with workplace stress?

As Oriane Perrin mentioned (2021), many older employees are prone to excessive stress at work due to long working hours and excessive workload. For new employees, a lack of clarity or confusion about their role is one of the main causes of stress. For employees, they are under constant pressure. In my opinion, the right amount of stress is good for motivating employees to do their jobs efficiently. However, too much stress can have a negative impact on the employees’ body and mind, which can lead to anxiety. Excessive stress in the workplace can easily lead to unhealthy habits, such as alcohol abuse. Once this unhealthy behavior persists, it can easily lead to failure to complete subsequent work, which has far-reaching negative effects on the entire organization. Therefore, it is particularly important for companies to address the potential for excessive stress issues among employees.

Kris Hoppe mentions 10 approaches organizations often use to address workplace stress. I think one of the most effective approaches would be Encourage Open Communication in her article (2017). Kris Hoppe points out that most employees’ workplace stress comes from their bosses or managers, and that effective communication is the most direct solution to stress. For companies, organize training for managers or supervisors on how to communicate effectively with their employees. Encouraging managers or supervisors to communicate directly with their employees to best address workplace stress can have a significant positive effect on company morale. In the long run, this can also have a very positive effect on a company’s productivity and ability to generate profits.


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