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As for this week’s post, we need to look and select 3 to 4 companies from Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2020 what employees say may make those companies great places to work for. In addition, we need to think about what type of manager we would like to be. We need to reflect the functions and contributions of the human resources department from the lectures and reading materials.

The 3 companies I select for this week were Hilton, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts. I chose these 3 companies since I used to stay in these hotels when I was on trips and I feel really impressed by their service. Thus, I am really interested in the evaluations and comments for those companies from employees’ perspective.

 I found two key words from what these employees said: diversity and care. These three companies made employees feel as part of a family. Employees can clearly feel that the company cares about them when they work in the company. Caring is not limited to the contribution and performance of the company, but also pays attention to the situation of these employees personally. In addition, diversity is important as well. In a company where employees may come from all over the world, it is essential to make employees feel diverse and respectful

If I were a manager of the human resources department, I would show my respect to all the employees in the company. One of the functions of human resources is to set up policies, practices, and systems that influence employees’ behavior, attitudes, and performance. Thus, some people may think human resources lack caring for employees. As the manager of the human resources department, I will certainly show my caring and respectful attitude to all employees. As the manager of the human resources department, I would not only provide sufficient support for the employees, but also pay attention to the personal needs of the employees.


Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® 2020

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