The Dixi theme sports an optional, customizable “home page” that can be set up to display up to four different, tabbed feed displays on the front page.  Additionally, Dixi has a special video embed feature that allows you to embed your favorite video and display it in a preset block on your custom home page.

Here’s a list of some of the other really interesting things you can do with Dixi:

  • Body Features
    • Change background colors
    • Change content background color
    • Change body line color (such as for grids)
    • Add background images
  • Text Features
    • Change body font globally
    • Change headline font globally
    • Change font size
    • Change all text based colors (body text, links, etc)
  • Custom Image Header Features
    • Upload custom image header – to your own height requirements

To explore all of the different features available with the Dixi theme, first you’ll have to activate it by going to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes.

After the theme is activated, just go to Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options to change your theme’s settings.

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