was updated to run WordPress 3.1.2 on June 20th, 2011.  You will notice some changes throughout the interfaces.

Admin Changes

  • On your dashboard view, “My Blogs” has been changed to “My Sites”. This change is common throughout, many references to blogs have been changed to sites.
  • Menu link wording changes: Posts->Edit becomes Posts->Posts, and Links->Edit becomes Links->Links. These links still take you to pages with the same functionality, only the text of the menu link has changed.


  • Under Appearance, there is now a custom Menu builder. Information on the menu feature can be found in the help documentation at

Admin Bar

  • A new menu bar displayed at the top of blogs when you are logged in. It contains links to commonly used admin screens.

Streamlined Writing Interface

  • To declutter the interface, many options on screen have been hidden by default. If you are looking for a feature that is missing, check by clicking on Screen Options (small tab in the top right corner) to enable them to show.