The Nelo theme includes¬† an optional, customizable “home page” front which focuses on images.¬† Nelo’s home page allows for up to five different, well-sized images to be uploaded and displayed.¬† The Custom Homepage control panel also allows you to enter URLs for each block section of content.

But this isn’t all Nelo does…here’s how Nelo stacks up, in terms of other features:

  • Body Features
    • Change background colors
    • Change content background color
    • Change body line color (such as for grids)
    • Add background images
  • Text Features
    • Change body font globally
    • Change headline font globally
    • Change font size
    • Change all text based colors (body text, links, etc)
  • Custom Image Header Feature
    • Upload custom image header – to your own height requirements

To explore all of the different features available with the Nelo theme, first you’ll have to activate it by going to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes.

After the theme is activated, just go to Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options to change your theme’s settings.

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