The Popularity Contest plugin will gather and display information about the popularity of different posts and pages on your blog site. This useful tool provides a wealth of different reports on such things as:

  • Permalink views
  • Permalink views from search engines
  • Home views
  • Archive views
  • Category views
  • Tag views
  • Feed views
  • Comments
  • Pingbacks
  • Trackbacks

Reports based on the above information are then generated and can be displayed in a widget on your blog site, if you so choose.

Once the Popularity Contest plugin is activated a few different things will happen:

  • The Popularity Contest widget will be available in the Appearance > Widgets control panel.
  • The Most Popular Posts menu link, which is a link to a variety of reports generated by the Popularity Contest plugin, will appear in your Dashboard menu block.
  • The Popularity configuration option will be available in the Settings > Popularity control panel.
  • All content on your blog site will display a footer that details the popularity ranking of that particular post.

To view help instructions on the Popularity Contest widget and settings, just click on the following provided links:

You can also locate the specific help post in the Categories menu on this site.

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