Class References and Documentation

  • Incident Response Pocket Guide (purchase a printed version that you can carry in your pocket. Available from OSU bookstore or various online vendors. The newest (2022) version has a yellow cover. Here’s a pdf to get you started.) REQUIRED FOR ALL STUDENTS/PARTICIPANTS.
  • Firefighter’s Handbook on Wildland Firefighting: Strategy, Tactics and Safety. Fourth Ed. William C. Teie. Fire Protection Publications. Oklahoma State University. (Optional for non-credit students). Available at OSU Bookstore or from various online vendors.
  • Waiver of Liability
  • Work Capacity Test Health Screen Form
  • Guide to Fitness and Work Capacity (not a list of requirements, but useful information on how to prepare for work in wildland fire operations)
  • Fire shelter deployment training video
  • 10 Standard Orders (Punches’ organization to help memorize)
  • Fire Behavior Terms to Know (from Fire Behavior Part 1 session)

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