Hi, my name is Garland Nichols. I am a “nontraditional” student? Whatever that means. Basically, I’m like the rest of you and have found a desire to feel my life with things that I find inspiring and beautiful. I was in the USNavy and have lived mostly in Oklahoma and Texas. I’m married to a kickass RN and have a 13yr old son and toooo many animals, 5cats/5dogs.

As far as design, I’ve always been interested in typography the way we used to make things. I find myself always questioning how and why did we as people trade away beauty for convenience? I find design inspiration in many things, but mainly in vintage advertising and packaging. Which has fueled my vice of collecting random items from fruit labels to the packaging for a single straight razor and cameras. I also love photography but more of the product photography aspect. My desires after graduation is to work within a company large or small filled with creative folk of all degrees and will give me the feeling that I did something that is fruitful to our society.

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