This is not what I asked for!?

There are a myriad of inventions out there that I could talk about with the intent of assisting a disabled audience. However, I don’t find the benefit of tearing apart products that assist those with needs. So we are going to discuss the Roomba! Yes thats right!! Likely the only robot that you will own in your lifetime. Not what I envisioned as a young child when watching the Jetson’s.

So, lets bring the attention to the robot on the right. This item was built to serve a purpose and that one was to clean your floors. To sweep being more specific. Some might think that to own a Roomba by iRobot is excessive, or even lazy. But the invention and the design of the Roomba meets the mark on many levels. Yes the concept for the Roomba is to clean your floors. But the real winner in the idea is those that have limitations to continual cleaning of there house. Even at the entry level model of the Roomba it meets all requirements of someone who has barriers allowing them to clean their home.


Simplifying the overall design of the vacuum was the first success in my opinion. The old design is really bad if you think of it. Sure it’s nice you can stand upright while operating a vacuum but it’s impossibly difficult at times to clean under things. So building the Roomba with a very low profile makes absolute sense. Leaving the ability to clean under all those hard to reach areas.


Admittedly the Roomba is not the expensive nor is it all that affordable. Many folks who really can benefit from the function and ability of the Roomba, likely wouldn’t have the ability to attain one or have the means within their disposable income. Ranges vary in price from $299.99 up to $899.99. I don’t care what you say ,that is a hefty purchase, that many can’t afford.

Problem Solving

The Roomba fixes the problem and not the person. Looking at the user as a person with a disability with mobility. It solves the problem with the ability to perform a task as simple as sweeping. The entry model basically starts and goes forward until it bumps into something and them turns and keeps on until it bumps into something and repeat. All you have to do is empty the hopper. Unless you want to invest $$$ it traverse your home with much more efficiency by mapping out your home.


As i said this is a purchase that answers an easy issue that many have. The inability to clean your floors, due to physical limitations or due to lack of time or desire to perform the menial task of sweeping. I don’t find that anyone is really excluded from the design of the Roomba at least not in the sense of its capabilities but more some in the realm of being able to afford the product. If the actual purpose for this product was to assist those with a decreased ability to clean then the price should be lowered to offer more people a chance to own one. Otherwise sale it for exactly what it is… a vacuum.

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