Link to ‘Garden(er) Microbiome’ Webinar Recording

Thanks to all who signed up for the ‘Citizen Science in the Garden!: Studying the Garden(er) Microbiome’ webinar. The webinar recording can be found below, or via THIS LINK.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please leave your information in this short survey. We will work to get back to everyone who responds, within the next month. Depending upon the volume of interest that we receive, it may take a bit longer.

Thanks to all wanting to learn more about the microbiome of garden soils and gardeners!

3 thoughts on “Link to ‘Garden(er) Microbiome’ Webinar Recording

  1. My wife and I love our garden but sometimes it doesn’t love us back. We have such poor soil here in Crooked River Ranch (volcanic dust that is about 16 inches deep then solid lava flow) that only the Junipers survive. We have several raised beds that we have hauled many yards of our local “garden” soil into. I wish we had some Willamette Valley soil to work with. We have had problems with blossom rot on our tomatoes, and also a lot of problems with potatoes that were rotten as well. Our corn has done pretty well along with cucumbers. We will keep trying.

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