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Welcome to The Fisheries and Wildlife Club!

We are a peer-elected, nonprofit OSU student group dedicated to the professional development of undergraduate and graduate students interested in fisheries, wildlife, or conservation fields. Our mission is to enhance the ability of undergraduate students to conserve the diversity and sustainability of fisheries and wildlife resources and their habitats, for long  term public benefit.

We are the Undergraduate Club of the Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences, and the home to the OSU student chapters of the American Fisheries Society and The Wildlife Society. 

We host events and field trips that allow students to build skills, network with professionals, learn and apply field techniques, do public outreach, and grow professionally and personally in our field. Throughout the academic year, we hold bimonthly meetings on campus and regularly organize off-campus field trips, including attending the annual Oregon AFS and TWS Chapter conferences. Take a look around our website and visit our About and Upcoming Events page to get involved, learn more about the FW Club, and attend our next meeting.

Who Joins the Fisheries and Wildlife Club?

Both undergraduate and graduate students at any OSU campus – including Ecampus – are welcome to join. Membership is optional. Members of the Student Chapters are motivated by a diverse set of values, but all share a strong interest in fish and wildlife and their habitats, a love for the outdoors, and a deeply rooted sense of value of natural resources and their conservation.

How can Ecampus students get involved? 

We value involvement from Ecampus students and we strive to host meetings and events that can be participated in virtually. We’ve hosted BioBlitzes, virtual workshops on Fish Printing, journal clubs, and a virtual herbarium mounting class, for example. All guest speaker events are hosted in a hybrid format. One of our Club leadership positions is the “Ecampus Liaison” – this leader helps plan Club events and communications specifically for our Ecampus members. To contact Ren, our current Ecampus Liaison, email alsteens@oregonstate.edu.

Benefits of Participating

We create opportunities by involving professional fish and wildlife biologist to share essential and practical information on research policy, skills, tools, and networks related to fish and wildlife. We also teach, learn, support, build resumes, network for jobs, share class tips, and explore careers among our members. Below are just some of the great opportunities we’ve had recently:

  • Tours of Oregon Research and Hatchery Center and Hatfield Marine Science Center. At the ORHC, Students gained hands on experience on E-fishing, seining, pit-tagging, fish identification, and more!
  • Financial aid and free transport to and from the annual Oregon Chapter Conferences of the American Fisheries Society and The Wildlife Society
  • Multiple workshops, including learning the basics of R studio, elk tracking and capture, fish printing, birding, and more!

Also, if you are already a student member of The Wildlife Society or the American Fisheries Society, claim your membership to the Fisheries and Wildlife Club! See the Membership page for details.

How to get Involved

Join the club!

The student chapters are open to all Oregon University System students! We operate primarily out of OSU, but welcome students in any location, including Ecampus. While the club is open to any OSU undergrad or grad student, as a member, you will gain discounts and free access to larger paid admission events. Visit our Membership page to sign up!

Still want more?

Run for election to one of our leadership positions! Elections are held annually in the spring term. Information about running for leadership positions can be found within the Upcoming Events page this spring and keep an eye out for election details via email. Want to know more? Email our current Leadership team and ask them what they think about their position over the last year!

Club History

  • 1935  The FW Club was established on November 6, 1935, following the founding of the Department. The Club was founded as “Ding Darling Wildlife Club ” after a prominent conservationist of the time, and it was the first of its kind in the country, quickly growing to 111 members!

1939 First female student joined the “Fish and Game Management” class

1946 Name change to the “Fin and Antler Club”

1974 Incorporated the TWS Student Chapter, one of the first in the nation!

1978 Name change to “Fisheries and Wildlife Society”

2001 Incorporated the AFS Student Subunit

2004 Won “Club of the Year”

2008 Won “Club of the Year”

2016 Name change to “The Fisheries and Wildlife Club”

2023 Hosting 25+ events each year for our 200+ members!

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