Leadership Team

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2018-19 Leadership Team

rachel lertora: President

Straight out of the mouth of the Columbia River, I was born and raised in Astoria, Oregon. While growing up, I was immensely involved in 4-H from local to national levels and I gained hatchery management skills at my high school’s on-campus salmon hatchery. I am now studying Fisheries and Spanish at OSU. My ultimate career goal is to develop bilingual fisheries curriculum to teach youth of all ages in outdoor settings. My favorite undergraduate experiences have been studying abroad. I spent a semester studying Marine Science at James Cook University in Townsville, AU and Spanish in Querétaro, México.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, I am looking forward to serving as your FW Club President. My main goal is to grow the size of our club so that we can have the greatest impact on students on-campus, via e-campus, and in the greater OSU community.


Having grown up in Eastern Oregon the majority of my childhood was spent outdoors. From hunting and fishing to hiking and camping I have fallen in love with this beautiful world around us. I am new to the Fisheries and Wildlife Program at Oregon State having switched majors from Biology this past year. I spent two summers in Burns, Oregon at the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center collecting data on Sage Grouse habitat with regards to Western Juniper encroachment. I really enjoyed my work there but decided it was time to explore another line of work within the fisheries and wildlife field. For this summer I was given an internship with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife office out of Prineville, Oregon switching field initially and now focusing on fish. I am excited to grow my knowledge and gain new experiences in the fisheries field!

I am looking forward to this opportunity as the clubs Vice President for this upcoming academic year and I know that we will accomplish many great things. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at: duhne@oregonstate.edu.

Victoria Key: SECRETARY

Hi all, my name is Victoria Kee and I am a junior in the Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Program at OSU. I was born and raised in Astoria, Oregon and I’ve always been interested in nature, because of my background in hunting and fishing. In the past few years since coming to OSU, I’ve learned that fishes are my true passion. Some of my hobbies include white water kayaking, hiking, and throwing pottery (on a wheel). I have a lot of experience taking detailed notes and being organized, but I wanted to get more experience with leadership, which is why I joined the Fish and Wildlife Club as their secretary. Someday, I hope to work in fish research and I’m excited to share my passion with others!

Alex Saucedo: TREASURER

Hello there! I am a Zoology major with a minor in Fisheries and Wildlife. I love to study social animal behavior, and I want to study lemurs in Madagascar.


James Neeley: communications director

Hey there, hope you’re enjoying our website! As our club communications director, I fiddle with this site, our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. My main passions in this field lie with Urban Ecology and Community Education, so I’m more than thrilled to be managing the social aspects of our club! I live with my girlfriend, Laura, and my dog, Sargent, here in Corvallis. I hope to see you at our meetings, and I look forward to all the adventures our club will go on this year.

If you have questions, suggestions, compliments, insults, or observations, feel free to send them to neeleyj@oregonstate.edu


Hello my name is Brooke Schlipf, and I am the Primary Student Representive for the Oregon State student subunit for the Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (ORAFS). I grew up in the Pacific Northwest just outside of Portland, Oregon, but spent the early years of my life and many summers in Anchorage, Alaska. Because of this I grew up loving the ocean, wildlife and pretty much every living thing I could find. Now, I have a particular interest in marine ecosystems, specifically their ecology and conservation. I enjoy teaching along with spreading knowledge and information to people of all ages. I think one of the most important parts of conservation is education. If you have any questions for me feel free to send me an email.


Sarah Bushmire: Secondary AFS Student Subunit Representative

My name is Sarah Busmire and I am an E-Campus student at OSU in the Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Program. I am the Fisheries and Wildlife Club Secondary AFS Student Subunit Rep. I am excited to have the opportunity to be part of the club since I am an E-Campus student. I am currently living in the Panhandle of Idaho, alt

hough I am originally from North Carolina. I work as the barn manager at a dude ranch, and I truly love the outdoors. When I am not out guiding people on horseback through the woods, I enjoy fly fishing, hunting, and hiking. I have always had a love for the outdoors, and when I saw that OSU had an online Fisheries and Wildlife option, I decided to go for it. Right now, I am broadening my knowledge about the Fisheries and Wildlife field before I begin a more focused study. I hope with my degree I can be a liaison between the natural world and the public and teach others how to respect our natural resources. I am excited to be involved with the club and assist in designing events and sharing ideas with you all. I also hope to encourage other E-Campus students to get involved and gain experience from the club. I can be reached at:  Busmires@oregonstate.edu

 TCS LIAISON: Alec youngblood


trent gianella: TWS LIAISON

Hello, my name is Trent Gianella and I am a junior at Oregon State. I grew up about an hour north of Corvallis in a small town called Hubbard. I have grown up loving the outdoors and spending whatever free time I had hunting and fishing. I have a broad range of experience in the field working with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, volunteering in owl dissection and bear scat analysis labs, working as a wild land firefighter, and am currently employed at Smith Farm Fish Hatchery. This summer I will be doing a wildlife internship with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in The Dalles. I have a passion for both fish and wildlife but am focusing my studies on the human dimensions of wildlife ecosystem management. I am extremely excited to be a part of the leadership team and hope to continue improving this very successful club.  gianeltr@oregonstate.edu


Instructor/Undergraduate Experiential Learning Coordinator. Scarlett supports the FW Club by facilitating the overall structure and organization of team meetings and by providing administrative support for the entire leadership team to achieve Club objectives and maintain consistency. As the FW Club advisor, Scarlett is an essential component to the clubs success throughout the year. Additionally, Scarlett supports research endeavors through the OSU Marine Team, instructs several courses and assists in departmental operations at OSU. Past Research has included work on cephalopod population dynamics, behavior and neurobiology. Check out the Marine Team website and OSU’s Department of Fish and Wildlife website to learn more!