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2019-20 Leadership Team

Lizz Duhn: President

Having grown up in Eastern Oregon the majority of my childhood was spent outdoors. From hunting and fishing to hiking and camping I have fallen in love with this beautiful world around us. I am new to the Fisheries and Wildlife Program at Oregon State having switched majors from Biology this past year. I spent two summers in Burns, Oregon at the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center collecting data on Sage Grouse habitat with regards to Western Juniper encroachment. I really enjoyed my work there but decided it was time to explore another line of work within the fisheries and wildlife field. For this summer I was given an internship with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife office out of Prineville, Oregon switching field initially and now focusing on fish. I am excited to grow my knowledge and gain new experiences in the fisheries field!

I am looking forward to this opportunity as the clubs President for this upcoming academic year and I know that we will accomplish many great things. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at: duhne@oregonstate.edu.

James Neeley: VICE President

As our club VP, I focus on outreach and recruitment. My main passions in this field lie with Urban Ecology and Community Education, so I’m more than thrilled to be managing some of  the social outreach aspects of our club! I live with my girlfriend, Laura, and my dog, Sargent, here in Corvallis. I hope to see you at our meetings, and I look forward to all the adventures our club will go on this year.

If you have questions, suggestions, compliments, insults, or observations, feel free to send them to neeleyj@oregonstate.edu

chris young: SECRETARY

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My name is Chris Young, and I’m a senior in the Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Program at OSU.  I enjoy all things outdoors; from hunting, fishing, and camping to reading a book under the shade of a tree.  After highschool I moved to Egypt where I became a Scuba Instructor. From there I moved to the Turks and Caicos, where I continued my work in the Scuba Industry.  That career offered me ample opportunity to familiarize myself with and appreciate the delicate balance of reef ecosystems. My interest in community ecology has only increased with time, and that has become the focus of my studies here at OSU.  I currently live with my dog, cat, and fiance. I look forward to serving the Fisheries and Wildlife Club as Secretary. Please, feel free to approach me at any time for any reason. I’m often found hanging out in Nash Hall, or you can email me at younchri@oregonstate.edu 

Varina heilman: TREASURER

After growing up in the PNW, I moved around the country for a couple of decades, mostly in California but also in the Southeast. My dream has always been to go back to school, so I am thrilled to be at OSU getting a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Science. Most of my time was spent working in vet hospitals and being involved in animal rescue. Primarily that was for domestic cats and dogs but also feral cats, farm animals, and wildlife. I live with several cats and two amazing diabetic senior rescue doggies. In my free-time I enjoy hiking, gardening, and reading. Please feel free to email me at heilmanv@oregonstate.edu.

katie bowns: communications director

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG-5822-150x150.jpgI’m a fourth year student studying Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences at OSU. I came to the major after realizing that working with wildlife and ecosystems was what I wanted for my future. In my life before college my family moved around a few times, but invariably we always ended up in a rural area, so I spent the majority of my life growing up in a forest in Southern Oregon without cellphone service. Having grown up around fishing, hunting, etc. and now going to school studying the management side, I am interested in working with both sides of the interaction and the people involved. I’m excited to begin working as the Communications Director of the Fisheries and Wildlife Club and work with the team to put on fun and informational events. If you need to contact me, feel free to email me at: bownsk@oregonstate.edu


My name is Sage Fox, and I’m a senior honors student studying Fisheries and Wildlife Science and Spanish. I am from Eugene, but I have also spent a good portion of my life in central Idaho, where I return to work for the Department of Fish and Game in the summers. When I’m not working, I like diving, mountaineering, skiing, running, and fishing. Both through work and my personal endeavors, I have had the opportunity to see many incredible landscapes and thriving ecosystems. It is my passion for these experiences keeps me excited about fisheries and wildlife science. While at OSU, I have become involved in the fisheries community through my involvement with several laboratories and the Oregon chapter of the American Fisheries society. The connections I have developed through these involvements have proved invaluable in my academic and professional development. Furthermore, the people I have met through these networks have reaffirmed my commitment to fisheries and wildlife science. I am excited to give back to the OSU fisheries and wildlife community this year by serving as the Oregon American Fisheries Society student liaison.

Sarah Busmire: Secondary AFS Student Subunit Representative

My name is Sarah Busmire. I am a sophomore E-Campus student at Oregon State University majoring in Fisheries and Wildlife Science. I am currently living in Northern Idaho where I enjoy volunteering with Idaho Fish and Game and being a Licensed Idaho Guide at a dude ranch. In my free time, I enjoy hunting, fly fishing, hiking and just about anything outdoors! This school year, my goal is to expand my involvement by planning more activities for the members of the Fish and Wildlife Club. I would also like to make activities more accessible for E-Campus students like me. I feel that creating connections with fellow students and professionals in the field is the best way to gain insight into our future careers and make lasting impressions and connections. I aim to promote and encourage those connections by being an officer with the Fish and Wildlife Club. If you have any questions feel free to email me at busmires@oregonstate.edu. Thank you! 

Henry Fleener: TCS LIAISON

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screenshot-20-1-150x150.pngMy name is Henry Fleener and I am a senior here at Oregon State. I grew up in the small town of Gervais, Oregon. I am your 2019-2020 primary TCS (The Coastal Society) student liaison. In my free time you can find me enjoying everything Oregon has to offer including fishing, crabbing, hiking, and visiting our awesome breweries. I encourage everyone to join the club. It’s a great way to add to your resume, have some cool experiences, and make several awesome friends. Email: fleenehe@oregonstate.edu

Zoe Sallada: Secondary TCS Student Subunit Representative
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 TWS LIAISON: Position Open – join us now!



Instructor/Undergraduate Experiential Learning Coordinator. Scarlett supports the FW Club by facilitating the overall structure and organization of team meetings and by providing administrative support for the entire leadership team to achieve Club objectives and maintain consistency. As the FW Club advisor, Scarlett is an essential component to the clubs success throughout the year. Additionally, Scarlett supports research endeavors through the OSU Marine Team, instructs several courses and assists in departmental operations at OSU. Past Research has included work on cephalopod population dynamics, behavior and neurobiology. Check out the Marine Team website and OSU’s Department of Fish and Wildlife website to learn more!