What is the Fisheries and Wildlife Club?

We are an OSU student run professional international, nonprofit, scientific, and educational association dedicated to excellence in fisheries and wildlife stewardship through science and education. Our mission is to enhance the ability of undergraduate students to conserve the diversity and sustainability of fisheries and wildlife resources and their habitats, for long  term public benefit.

Who Joins the Fisheries and Wildlife Club?

Members of the Student Chapters are motivated by a diverse set of values, but all share a strong interest in fish and wildlife and their habitats, a love for the outdoors, and a deeply rooted sense of value of natural resources and their conservation.

Benefits of Joining

We create opportunities by involving professional fish and wildlife biologist to share essential and practical information on research policy, skills, tools, and networks related to fish and wildlife. We also teach, learn, support, build resumes, network for jobs, share class tips, and explore careers among our members. Below are just some of the great opportunities we’ve had recently for our members:

  • Marine Science Weekend, tours of ORHC (Oregon Research and Hatchery Center) and Hatfield marine Center. At OHRC, Students gained hands on experience on E-fishing, seining, pit-tagging, fish identification, and more!
  • Eastern Oregon Spring Break Trip
  • Behind the scenes tour of Bald Hill conservation efforts, hiking, birding and plant identification 
  • Peregrine Falcon Seminar, with live peregrine falcons
  • Zion and Bryce Canyon spring break trip
  • Death Valley spring break trip

How to get Involved

Join the club!

The student chapters are open to all Oregon University System students! We operate primarily out of OSU, but welcome students from around the state. As a member, you will be able to attend our bi-weekly meetings and special lectures. You’ll also have many opportunities to participate in volunteer events and educational trips around the state of Oregon. Visit our Membership page to sign up!

Still want more?

Run for election to one of our leadership positions! Information about running for leadership positions can be found within the Upcoming Events page this spring and keep keep an eye out for election details via email. Want to know more! Email our current Leadership team and ask them what they think about their position over the last year!

Club History

  • The F&W Club was established in the  1940’s as the Fin and Antler Club
  • Received Club of the Year Award 2001-02, 2003-04, 2007-08, and 2008-09
  • E.R. Jackman Team Award – 2003 (Natural History Discovery Days)
  • Most Educational Booth Ag Day – 2003
  • Fundraiser of the Year Award – 2003
  • Most Interactive Booth Ag Day – 2004
  • Name Change to AFS/TWS Student Chapters in 2011
  • Name Change to The Fisheries and Wildlife Club in 2016