There are many online resources to help you develop a forest management plan. These resources are organized according to each section in the Oregon Forest Management Plan. (All of these are links to outside websites)

Use this menu to jump to a specific section or scroll down to see them all.

  1. General Management Planning Help
  2. General Forestry Information
  3. Property Information
  4. Mapping
  5. Fish and Wildlife Habitat
  6. Regulations
  7. Property History
  8. Aesthetics and Recreation
  9. Cultural Resources
  10. Taxes and Incentive Programs
  11. Certification Programs
  12. Cell phone apps

General Management Planning Help:

Management Planning for Woodland Owners: A Visual Guide

Management Planning for Woodland Owners: Why and How


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General Forestry Information:

Oregon State University Extension Catalog – Forestry and Wood Processing Publications

Oregon State University Extension Catalog  – Natural Resources Publications

Know your Forest – Learning Library

Oregon Forest Resources Institute Publication Library

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Property Information:

County information – Look up your county assessor’s office website to find your parcel information.

Forest Seedling Network – Seed zone maps

Find a Forester – Interactive mapping tool to help you find your ODF Stewardship Forester.

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ORMAP – View OR taxlots and download PDF copies of assessors maps.

Oregon Explorer Home Page – Natural resources digital library 

Oregon Explorer Mapping Tool – Interactive retrieval of natural resources information on your property

Web Soil Survey – Soil data and information

Forest Planner – Forest Management scenario planning with mapping tool

Google Earth – Geobrowser for 3D mapping the earth

Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity – MTBS  – maps of burn severity and perimeters around the US since 1984

Forest Health Aerial Detection Surveys – Every year since 1947, aerial detection surveys (ADS) have recorded the insects and diseases affecting forests in Oregon and Washington.

Using Digital Mapping Apps – Commonly available digital mapping applications and how to integrate them into your daily land management activities.

Landmapper – Users across Oregon to click on tax lots and have relevant maps (aerial, soil, road, topo, habitat) and tables for stewardship planning auto-generate and be immediately available for print or download.  

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Fish and Wildlife Habitat:

Oregon Conservation Strategy – Plan to conserve Oregon’s fish and wildlife, and their habitats

Oregon Biodiversity Map Viewer – Data on species distributions for Oregon’s important forest species and habitats

Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife – Wildlife Habitat Conservation & Management Program – Incentive program for voluntarily conserving native wildlife habitat.

NatureServe – Comprehensive, decision-quality biodiversity data

Federal and State Listed Threatened & Endangered Species in Oregon – Species list

Woodland Fish & Wildlife Publications Page  – Publications on managing your woodlands for specific wildlife species.

Compass – ODFW Compass provides coarse-scale, non-regulatory fish and wildlife information, and the crucial habitat layers emphasize areas documented as containing important natural resources.

IPaC – is an online tool that helps you explore listed species, critical habitat, migratory birds or other natural resources on your property.

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Oregon Forest Practices Act – Standards for all commercial activities on OR forestland

Oregon’s Forest Protection Laws: An Illustrated Manual – An illustrated guide to Oregon forest practices and protection laws

Oregon’s Smoke Management Plan – Smoke management reports, conditions, and forms

Oregon Department of Agriculture – Pesticides Division – Pesticide and Fertilizer Programs

Oregon Streamstats Website – Mapping tool for water resources planning and management

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Property History:

Exploring Your Property’s Past: Questions and Resources – Resources for learning the land-use and ownership history of your property

Oregon State Archives – land-use and ownership records retrieval 

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Aesthetics and Recreation:

Forestry Aesthetics Guide – guide to improve and enhance the aesthetics for forest operations

Oregon’s Scenic Waterways – Designation program for protecting special waterways

Oregon’s Scenic Byways – Unique viewpoints and attractions along the 26 scenic routes

Nature Trails – Planning, Design, Construction, and Maintenance

Nature Trail Development on Small Acreages – Design and Maintenance

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Cultural Resources:

State Historic Preservation Office – Information on Oregon’s archaeological sites

Protecting and Preserving Oregon’s Archeological and Cultural Resources – Guide for landowners and operators

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Taxes and Incentive Programs:

Oregon Department of Revenue Timber Tax Information – How timber is taxed in OR

National Timber Tax Website – Information regarding the tax treatment of timber related activities

Grants and Incentive Programs for Private Landowners – Financial incentives and technical assistance programs 

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Certification Programs:

American Tree Farm System 

Forest Stewardship Council

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Cell Phone Apps:

 (Apps can be downloaded from your trusted app store. Some apps are free, while others have subscriptions or fees)

Avenza – A mapping tool that allows the user to download maps from a map store (map store has free maps and maps for purchase) or use basemaps imported from another program. Allows the user to access their maps without cell service. Create or import map features, record tracks, name features and add descriptions and photos. Basic App is free. Pro version requires a subscription.  Avenza tutorials:

Apple Maps. A map app that comes pre-loaded on apple devices. Allows the user to view street map, aerial imagery, create pins to mark points. Free. 

Exporting a map feature from Avenza to a desktop map program: 

Caltopo. The CalTopo app is a mapping tool that integrates with the Caltopo desktop program (described below). Allows the user to create or import map features, record tracks, view profiles of features, create buffers and viewsheds. Free version requires cell services. Subscription version allows the user to access their maps without cell service.

Google Maps. A map app that comes preloaded on many android devices, can also be downloaded on Apple devices. Allows the user to view street map, aerial imagery, terrain, create pins to mark points. Free.

Google Earth. A mobile version of the Google Earth commonly used on a desktop. Requires cell service or internet connectivity to access maps. Free.

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