Cutting cores in a warehouse can be fun

4.24.2018 – 4.26.2018

Dave was fundamental in those two days of sampling, so his work was done. He left back for Fairbanks Tuesday morning. Peter and I started working on preparing the cores for further analysis at OSU. Our goal was to separate the cores into different depth classes. We got a system down where I would cut the cores into 7.6 cm increments and then Peter would use a bulk density corer and hammer into the cut piece to get the outside, presumably contaminated outer layer off. Our system worked well but it did take a substantial amount of time. We had extensive cleaning practices to follow between each sample to not cross contaminate.

We took turns playing our favorite music, good thing we shared a similar taste in music. This part of the project took us two and a half days to complete which gave us enough time to clean up the work space, pack up our gear, and return borrowed items. Thankfully, all of the samples fit into 2 coolers which will be way easier to navigate than 5. The goal is to keep them frozen during transit. Our dry ice has sublimated so we are using frozen powerade bottles to keep them nice and cold. We are hoping for an easy travel day tomorrow!


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