Interview Effectiveness

Being a new job applicant sitting in an office waiting for your first interview can be an extremely intense and stressful experience. With so many different emotions and feelings flying through an applicant’s mind, it is essential to have an effective interview. Without a solid based interview, it is possible that the company could miss out on many valuable opportunities for employees. Every company must have an effective and straightforward interview. 

In my experiences with job interviews, I have had several mixed experiences. The general theme I have noticed in my interviews was that they were not very detailed. All three interviews I have done have been less than five minutes and have consisted of specific qualification questions. This was nice because all of them were quick and easy, but only one of these seemed like it actually mattered, and the questions were important. The other two seemed sort of like the interviewer was obligated to ask those questions and was not very involved.

From my two not-so-great job interviews, I think I learned a few things on how to conduct interviews better. First off and most importantly, I think it’s important to have involving questions. Just asking if the candidate is capable of fulfilling the qualifications might tell you if the candidate is able to do the job but asking more personal questions will show you if they are right for the company. The second thing I would fix would be the initial biases they had. Both interviewers knew me from family and friends and had already decided to give me the job before the interview. This may also be a large reason why the interviews were so short, but treating me differently could easily lead to them hiring the wrong candidate solely based on their personal connections. It’s important to go into every interview with no biases and hold no impressions of a person against them.

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