Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are a super valuable and important part of positions in a company. Without job descriptions there are many potential issues that can come about. A few of the major issues that can occur are confusion on required tasks, possible litigation and issues in recruitment. In order to avoid these issues, it is important to keep up to date and specific job descriptions.

The first important step in job descriptions is getting accurate information on job roles and tasks. If the job description is inaccurate it is just as worthless as having no description. Ways to collect accurate information on job tasks are by asking questions to managers, employees and having professionals in job descriptions collect the information. By using interviews, questionnaires and also observations data will be able to be collected to accurately describe roles and responsibilities.

Another crucial part to this process once an accurate job description has been created is to keep it up to date. Job descriptions can often change based on many different factors but an out of date job description can lead to major issues. One of the biggest problems resulting in out of date descriptions is being unable to successfully defend against litigation from employees. An non updated description is just as bad as an inaccurate description.

By keeping job descriptions accurate and up to date, a company can fully use this to their advantage. From my own experience, I have worked for a company that did not provide any job descriptions and instead it was informal and vague. Basically, I was being paid as a low level employee but was doing high level work because I was told to by my boss. When I asked why I wasn’t being paid more since I was told that I wasn’t doing enough of it to be paid more. Because of this I became upset and petty and only did the low level work I was being paid for which upset my boss until he raised my pay.


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