Labor Unions

Labor Unions, when they were created, were very important and helped create the economy we have today. They forced employers to raise wages and gave the working class adequate pay for their efforts. Labor Unions have now become something that is not especially needed in an economy that pays workers fairly. Unions still are important… Continue reading Labor Unions


Based on my results, I can honestly say that I am not surprised by anything. On the first test, I scored a 49. I manage stress extremely well but thankfully do not have many stressors in my life. I work full time in the summers and take summer classes, but I see the stress that… Continue reading Stress

Interview Effectiveness

Being a new job applicant sitting in an office waiting for your first interview can be an extremely intense and stressful experience. With so many different emotions and feelings flying through an applicant’s mind, it is essential to have an effective interview. Without a solid based interview, it is possible that the company could miss… Continue reading Interview Effectiveness

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are a super valuable and important part of positions in a company. Without job descriptions there are many potential issues that can come about. A few of the major issues that can occur are confusion on required tasks, possible litigation and issues in recruitment. In order to avoid these issues, it is important… Continue reading Job Descriptions

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