An Unexpected Journey Turned into the Adventure of a Lifetime by Zena Greenawald

My time in the old continent was short-lived but jam-packed with knowledge and adventure. I was blessed to start my summer of 2019 in the beautiful European Alps, an utterly breathtaking experience. My short two-week journey started in the small European country of Slovenia and ended in the vineyards of Italy. Before my trip, I had never traveled outside of the United States, which made the notion of traveling over 5,800 miles terrifying. After all the nerves and panicking my journey started and it did not leave me with an ounce of regret. My point being, if you have the opportunity to travel abroad– go. Take the chance, I promise you will not regret the time you spent and the friendships that will be made. Once I overcame my angst here’s what happened:

  1. Independence

2. Patience

3. Friendship

4. Appreciation of Home

5. Opening My Mind to New Perspectives

6. Confidence

Go abroad friends, whether for study, business, or leisure- it’ll change your world.

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