I am passionate about understanding arid systems like the Mojave Desert and developing tools and research that can help us identify and reduce negative human impacts on ecosystems and the wildlife that live there. I believe in taking research beyond publication and work to effectively communicate and apply data to address management and conservation challenges.

During my 8 years working at USGS in Henderson, NV, I received a Ph.D. in Ecology at Penn State for my research on the epidemiology and spatial ecology of tortoises, with focus on the effects of mitigation-driven translocations on disease dynamics. I joined Clint’s lab in 2018 to collect and analyze movement and trail camera data to learn more about the effect of human-made barriers on bighorn behavior and movement. In 2019, I was named a National Park Foundation Science Fellow, and awarded funds to expand research on desert bighorn sheep. Visit www.dbsconnect.weebly.com for more info about our ongoing projects and collaborations with state, federal, and non-profit agencies.

The National Park Service featured Christina in their “Dare to Imagine” series highlighting “trailblazing women continuing to shape park service conservation”.  Read her interview here.

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